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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Junking is as Easy as A,B,C & 1-2-3...

I am a serious collector of stuff. I collect everything... OK anything that strikes my fancy. There are no set times for me to collect... I collect when the winds are high or the tides are low. I collect in the sumer, spring, winter and fall. I collect when I am happy or when I am sad. I collect when I have pocket change or when I am flat broke. I collect free or bargain items. I collect with or without tools.... (sometimes I have to use coins to unscrew an item apart)... And when I run out of storage room or I am low on ideas, I collect appendages of good stuff. IE Door knobs, hinges, hooks, chains, bun feet, glass and the like. I am no respecter of items either: I collect the good and the bad. I collect the pretty & the unpretty. I collect junk & jewels, trash and treasures... but I don't collect garbage.... ewww.. anything bug-infested, spoiled, totally decayed, molded or just plain nasty is not recyclable in my book.

Lately, my intake has been greater than my outlet. So I've decided to post items on my blog.. since many of the things I have acquired in my town.. hence 'tomboy around town'... or in my travels...

In my next post, I will start with A - for Aprons... I have a huge collection of aprons! But I want audience participation.. Please give feedback with 1. creative &/or unique ideas on how I can use them.. along with 2. your favorite one...

My hope is to get my creative juices flowing, recycle my finds.. and build yet another place (among the land of blogs) for shared inspiration. Who knows, maybe I can even venture into the land of contests that I see all so frequently around the blog world.

What do ya think?

That Girl, Ang


TexNan said...

Umm...being totally blog ignorant, am I missing something here? I don' see no aprons! I wanta see some aprons. Where the heck are the aprons?

That Girl Ang said...

No - you are not blog ignorant.. I originally stated "tomorrow" but felt pressured and removed that word... After your comment I realized I needed to clarify, so I've added "In my next post, I will..." to the blog LOL

Thanks for letting me know. After reading posts over & over again, it's easy for me to miss words. I appreciate your help Nan!


hi honey,love the idea of this post.cant wait to see the aprons!i am a bit of a hoarder but limited space is affecting that habit ;o)have a great wknd dear.

vintagesue said...

this post totally makes me smile. I ADORE THAT TYPEWRITER!!! i am so scary...i would put it on my coffee is....and stick a bunch of old letters in it and let the kids play with it.
i too...collect everything and anything...i can't stop. it's my therapy and a good distraction from all the daily grind.
aprons...hmmmm...i think they look great hanging on a vintage coat rack in the kitchen...or hang them as curtains. that makes a statement.
good luck.

TiffanyJane said...

"Serious Collector"...Me toooooo!!!
I have a messy room at times {many times} to prove it!!! I love Bargain items, those are the best....besides I love to take poor little cheapies and give them a sweet life again!