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Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Demise of the Fleamarket (as I knew it)!

I am sure fleamarkets have all sorts of reputations by the people who frequent them. This is just mine... I have visit them from time to time in my life. As a child my father would make and sell Soulful Christmas music at our local market. There would be someone selling perfume/incents, another selling cast offs from an estate sale or home clean out. Almost always somebody had a large barrel grill cooking the best ribs you have ever tasted.

I now visit fleamarkets more often than before. You see, I redesign jewelry and small furniture items and accessories. So the fleamarket, thrift store, garage and yard sales are where I can find some of my best buys. Of course curside shopping is the absolute best bargain because it is free!

Anywho, now all I see at the markets are dollar store items! Everything is cheap. Whatever happend to the vintage clothing, tchotchkes, mixed tapes, they old guy selling used hardware and tools? Where's my local farmer selling vegetables and fruit.... Now all I see is junk....and DEFINITELY not the good kind!

During one of my recent trips to a once reliable fleamarket it was SO crowded, I couldn't even find a park. This was in the middle of the day... don't these people work?! LOL

Right off the back I was hit with designer knock-offs of every kind!
 All sorts of stuff... Even things bought in bulk and sold individually... HA! What a rip!
 More socks than you can shake a stick at....(whatever that means..I think I'm getting old)
 Turning-skin-green jewelry.
 But the people were there in full force. Good for the vendors I suppose...bad for me.
 These are cute...but I'd rather buy them from a handmade jewery artist... and the handmade ones are not that expensive... $10-$20.... definitely comparable.
 Loads and loads of stuff... some would say too much stuff..... but nothing for me :(
 Cheap fashions anyone?
 Ah... such a disappointing trip. However, there was one small glimpse of joy on my way out... partially buried deep in the dirt, I found this little gem. Most folks would walk right over it.... but not me. This is what I love to do.... Find old grungy, discarded items and make them neat and interesting!
 So I cleaned that baby up. Sprayed with a clear coat as not to damage anyone's clothing...added a few jeweled letters and a suede cord & silver finding...and...
 Voila! A piece of Found Item Art.
No I understand that this isn't everyone's thing... but it's mine. It's the way I help beautify this earth... one recycled item at a time.

That Girl, Ang

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

ALERT: One Of a Kind Necklace Contest IS OVER!


WHERE? On my other blog Usable Art!

WHY? Because I want to:
1.) Introduce my blog Usable Art for Sale! It's a way to share my collections & creations.

2.) Introduce my Mission: Adorning life with jewels of the past & treasures of what's lost and found: Upcycled Art, Accessories, Housewares, Vintage and much more!

Come Join The Fun! Please tell your friends!

All the best!
That Girl, Ang

Friday, September 03, 2010

Reversible Remixed Jewels

I call them reversible because I made them large enough to slip over (the average sized) head LOL - they are about 32" so it shouldn't be a problem.... Anywho, since there is no clasp the necklaces may be turned to adjust the design to your liking.

I'm having so much fun making jewelry that my larger projects are getting jealous! I gotta get back to them. Yikes, I have a show this October!


Usable Art - A store page for my creations. Look out for the giveaway next week. I will pick a name from a hat. All you have to do for an entry is leave a comment on the giveaway page post and become a follower!