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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Jesus Is The Reason... C'mon Sing Along....

Thank you Sherry... I think I will join you in the Praise!

turn your speakers up, put your hands together, and if you feel inclined to do so, push your chair back, get up and really give Him praise!

Angels we have heard on High!

Jesus is the reason for the season
Yes oh yes He is
Oh yes he is yeah

I dont need material things
All I need is the love you bring
This holiday I came to say
That Jesus is the only way

Jesus is the reason for the season
Yes oh yes He is
Oh yes he is yeah

I dont need material things
All I need is the love you bring
This holiday I came to say
That Jesus is the only way

Jesus is the reason for the season
Yes oh yes He is
Oh yes He is yeah

Gloooooooria! Glo-r-ia

He is - He's the reason
One thing you should know
Where ever you go
He is - He's the reason
One thing I can say
On this special day

Who got the praise? We got the praise
And who we give the praise to? Jesus!

He is - He's the reason
One thing you should know
Where ever you go
He is - He's the reason
One thing I can say
On this special day(repeat)


and if you don't know - now you know!

*sung by Kirk Franklin and his choir*

Friday, December 19, 2008

A Very Stylish Intermission

I Will be back with Junking 1-2-3... A is for Aprons. I've just been off of my game a bit. I promise.. I am working my way back. Ang (Pause the Playlist to the left)

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Junking is as Easy as A,B,C & 1-2-3...

I am a serious collector of stuff. I collect everything... OK anything that strikes my fancy. There are no set times for me to collect... I collect when the winds are high or the tides are low. I collect in the sumer, spring, winter and fall. I collect when I am happy or when I am sad. I collect when I have pocket change or when I am flat broke. I collect free or bargain items. I collect with or without tools.... (sometimes I have to use coins to unscrew an item apart)... And when I run out of storage room or I am low on ideas, I collect appendages of good stuff. IE Door knobs, hinges, hooks, chains, bun feet, glass and the like. I am no respecter of items either: I collect the good and the bad. I collect the pretty & the unpretty. I collect junk & jewels, trash and treasures... but I don't collect garbage.... ewww.. anything bug-infested, spoiled, totally decayed, molded or just plain nasty is not recyclable in my book.

Lately, my intake has been greater than my outlet. So I've decided to post items on my blog.. since many of the things I have acquired in my town.. hence 'tomboy around town'... or in my travels...

In my next post, I will start with A - for Aprons... I have a huge collection of aprons! But I want audience participation.. Please give feedback with 1. creative &/or unique ideas on how I can use them.. along with 2. your favorite one...

My hope is to get my creative juices flowing, recycle my finds.. and build yet another place (among the land of blogs) for shared inspiration. Who knows, maybe I can even venture into the land of contests that I see all so frequently around the blog world.

What do ya think?

That Girl, Ang

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving & Good Times!

I pray you all have a wonderful holiday weekend full of fun, joy & good times! May the love of God surround you all through your family & friends. A special "thanks" to those who are fortunate enough to bless others who are in need this season. You are God's handiwork and are truly blessed & appreciated!
That girl...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Yesterday, the Tomboy Princess Turned 4!

(Old Schoolers - remember "I rock ruff & stuff with my afro puffs! - Lady of Rage)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Thrill Of The Hunt, Greenboro, NC

Back in late May '08, I visited a great little store in Greensboro called the The Thrill of The Hunt. It's a lovely little antique/thrift shop located on Battleground Avenue, one of the majors roads in town. I really enjoyed myself. I met the shop owner, Carol Poling, who was an absolutely a doll. She was both personal and approachable... in fact I thought she was a sale person up until I was about to leave - lol....

I took many pictures of the shop but unfortunately broke my camera phone and lost them in the process. :( However, I do have these photos of my purchases!

I purchased a vintage Chesterfield "They Satisfy!" Advertising Wall Thermometer Plaque. No, I don't smoke.. but NC is the tobacco capital of the world! Last time I was there I couldn't find any of the coveted cigar boxes so this time I 'had' to get something... LOL!

I found a pair of vintage tin Batman insignia pieces PERFECT to make earrings! A lovely little soft leather coin purse, (I recently paired with a great pair of new vintage gloves from Paris - see pix below) and a fun-fun 1940's vintage post card that read... "There's Gold In Them Thar Hills" (see at the end) - I guess the infamous or famous gold digger exist despite times, space, class & race! LOL I will be posting these things on my on line Etsy or eBay Stores.. If procrastination gets me as it commonly does... and you are interested... just pull my coattail!

BTW - If you are ever in Greensboro, North Carolina... Stop by The Thrill Of The Hunt! You will be pleasantly surprised.... in fact you'll be thrilled! OH and and don't forget to say Hi to Natasha Isabella Portialucca! (She's the really cool mannequin!)

Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm Back & I Brought Some Goodies!

FIRST let me start off by thanking ALL of you who follow & commented on this & the 'Sexy' blog! I truly appreciate your thoughtful expressions & warm sentiments in such a difficult period. Thank you!

Through the Grace of God, it's all being worked out. I've decided to return, trusting & believing everything WILL be OK!

Alright, I have some goodies. I Love Junk! In my travels I find lots of it. Since this blog is dedicated to just that - Let's get to it!

I came across the fatherload! You heard right "The Fatherload!" On my way to pick up that lovely little pumpkin in my header who is only days from turning 4 years old... I drove by a seemingly great pile of wonderful refuge. Being the supermom I am, I couldn't stop, but on my way home I made a B-line right to the pile! I ran into the daughter of the owner of the pile. She shared with me that her mom had passed away back in January of this year and the clean out had been a year long process. You see, her mom was a bit of a pack rat.... hmmmm (I can relate). She shared that her dad couldn't do the honors of throwing out the memories, & her sister lived in sunny Cali (with Sherry G.- LOL) .. SO she was nominated the head-cleaner-packer-seller-mover-in-charge....

Anywho, she was grateful & thought her mom would be glad to 'know' someone who cared would make sure some of her items got a good home....

The woman shared that the steamer trunk came from France in the early 1900's, when her dad came to America with his family. The bag is his military service bag filled with lovely 1930's's & 40's love letters & cards and military and WWII sentiments.... JACKPOT! Oh, I even have a few International paper dollars.

I need your help... what can I do, make with my new found treasures???
That girl...

Friday, November 14, 2008


It's not just a song any more, it's my life.

Please stay tune while I handle some drama. I won't be gone to long. If you get the gadget "Blog List (NEW)" you will know when I return.
Thank you for your support while I get things done.

With much thanks.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Yes we did!

Yes, we must keep on doing it. This Country, All of our country, is in need of healing.

Don't sleep y'all the work has only just begun!

God Bless... And Good night!

ETA: This craft project got some play! LOL:
The ObamaCraftProject

Friday, October 24, 2008

Woo - Hoo! Look What I Got from CharmingDesigns Etsy Store!

I purchased the very beautiful black bird, pincushion in a stunning orange carnival glass dish! I just LOVE it! It fits right in with my very eclectic display of my very favorite things. Check her out on my Blog Posse list!

Hope you are having a very Happy Autumn!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

And We Have A Breast Cancer Challenge Winner for 2008!


This year we had 6 Absolutely Stunning Entries with a whopping 118 total votes. (As compared to 61 votes in 2006, and 68 Votes in 2007)

You all really got the word out about how important it is to be aware about Breast Cancer. Early detection is key. And I thank you...

Without further ado.. this year's winner is Sandysez with an overwhelming 50% of the vote!

Again, thank you all - Go out a make a difference... It only takes one!

Please see flash display of all the contestants for the past 3 years.... Thank you again!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Void in Crafting... Filled with Junk!

I was recently reading a post that reflected on the good ole days. The thread directed me to this old Carol Duvall Show segment Then it dawned on me just how much I missed Carol Duvall. When HGTV & the Scripps Network turned their attention away from crafting & followed the overly saturated reality trend to more 'Surprise by Surprise' Design Shows, they left millions of DIY creative folks out in the cold. Yeah, I get it~I really do! It's called 'follow the money' Why cater to the loyal crafters, when the advertisers are pulling you in a different way? After all, they'd rather sell a $1000 washer & dryer combo set, than a $12.99 box of amazing markers that cut as it outlines!

Originally posted on Flickr Photo by abandonview
But I wonder have the marketing geniuses realized that crafters are habitual repeat offenders? We will enter a Jill Crafter Mega Craft Supply Store 3-4 times a week... each time spending dollars upon $$'s! Then we will go to the nearest (or furthest) competition store and buy more crafts! We are truly an unusual breed. I have well over 30 different glues. They all have a unique quality, and I am convinced I need every one of them for a different project! LOL

Now turning back to Carol... I realized that the absence of her show has left a major void on the air... One that can't be easily filled by the newer shows. Now don't get me wrong, I will watch any show that majors in crafting, or one that simply has a craft segment. But, none of them can fill that empty hole where Carol use to reside. She has an uncanny way to reach across the ages. She covered a wide array of crafts, from needle pointing (which I know nothing about), to Trash 2 Treasure~which is now my new love and complete obsession.

So maybe it's not such a bad thing.... These big corporation machines have inadvertently coaxed me to turn off my tv and to turn on my inner creativity. So instead of spending my days in front of the chatter box.. I spend my free time curb-side shopping or thrift store lurking. Instead of spending money I don't have in the craft stores & malls, I am now saving it, or spending on the higher cost of living due to the economical down turn.

lamp turned towel holder
Originally uploaded by byabpryor

Photo Lamp turned Papertowel holder byABPryor on Flickr
I am now forced to be creative in every part of my life. I collect broken or found objects to created something beautiful. This requires me to pay more attention to garbage... especially my own... You see if I can't see the creative value in something, I can atleast separate the recyclables from the trash. I already did it before, but now I am even more sensitive to what can be reused. Heck, I am even scrapping metal (
gold included) when I can... something which never gave me cause to pause before. Look, I make a few bucks and keep usable items out of the land fills. Creative & Green!

So Carol Duvall, if you are listening. You will always be in my heart. They can take away the show, but they cannot take away what I have learned from you & your guests over the years. The tried & true techniques I have learned have worked well with my card making , decoupaging, home decor and even with turning junk into jewels! So thank you very much!
Photo Floppy disk pad, Flat back marble push pins & Handmade greeting card byABPryor

Thursday, October 02, 2008

3rd Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Challenge - 2008

Time To Vote
This is a challenge I started on the HGTV Holiday Craft Board in 2006. I am inviting all to join in... You can join by posting your picture on the HGTV board @ this
However if you are not a member of the board & don't want to join... Don't fret ~ just reply here and email me your pictures... I can post for you on the HGTV Holiday Craft message board.

(Shannon's Ribbon Tree Ornaments on the =>right is the 2006 winner.
Raindrop's Snowman Ornament on the <=left is the 2007 winner)

Please see the details below:

Can you believe it? It's Our 3rd Annual BREAST CANCER AWARENESS CRAFT CHALLENGE!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am inviting all CRAFTERS (beginners, hobbyist & professional) to join this challenge.

I am so inspired by the survival stories I struggles I have heard surrounding the Breast Cancer. I thought a "Craft Challenge" is a great way to continue the awareness (BTW - this challenge can also be adopted for other awareness issues as well)

Here's the challenge:

Create, Repurpose, Recycle or Reuse an items to create a craft that celebrate those affected by Breast Cancer. Keep in mind the national awareness color for breast cancer is pink. You can incorporate other colors but keep the theme. All mediums are accepted: Papercrafts, T2T, Mosaics, Computer, Sewing, Painting etc... whatever your precious heart desires...

The challenge begins today Thursday, October 2, 2008! It ends Thursday, October 9, 2008. That is the deadline to post your pictures. You only have to post a picture of your creation. We will all vote on the final entries from Friday, October 10th to Friday, October 17th. The winner will be announced on Saturday, October 18th. The winner will receive a special gift from me - a gift box full specialty BC Awareness products.

Participants of this challenge are encouraged to gift their finish project to a survivor or donate it to a local organization or fund raising event.

Are you ready? Who's up for the challenge?

share with your friends on other boards... I need you all to market this challenge to get the word out & to help raise awareness. Let's make this a huge success!

Why not do something to help make a difference?



Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So NOW I'm An Organ Donor. How About You?

I've always resisted the call to become a donor as it makes me think about my own mortality. It seem so finite... I tried to find religious reasoning why I shouldn't donate, but instead ended with empty excuses. My husband would always belabor the point "If someone you loved needed an organ wouldn't you want them to receive an organ?" (Scowl - 'easy for him to say... he's diabetic, he can't donate'). Well, "HECK YEAH!" I would reply! "There is nothing to think about if it would help save their life!" SO, then why am I holding out? Couple that with the fact that not many of my folk donate.. so the chances a love one receiving life is lowered. Yes, I believe in miracles, and I also believe in free-will. SO "Why wasn't I willing to give life?"

I remember when I traveled south for a visit, I met a family member who was actively educating & signing up folk for tissue donation. We talked about my inhibition.... To me donation meant:

Certain death (as if...)
Black market sales ( know you got those emails too)
Little medical help (once 'they' knew)
Closed casket funeral (perish the thought)

This relative assured me the 1st three were overblown urban myths.. (or ignorance, if you will) and the the 4th concern could still happen. The body would be prepared in a way that viewers wouldn't know there had been a donation. Well that was a weight lifted off my shoulder. Many of you with southern roots know.... We take pictures of the decease and darn near jump in the casket with the dead. It's part of our rite of passage (like the Electric Slide)! I come from a long line of open casket funerals. I know, It's really for us~the living~but it allows us to get in our last good byes...

Anywho, while renewing my license I told the clerk to check the box.. I still couldn't do it myself... but It is official, I'm a donor... and I feel good about it... I really do! Are you?


ETA (Edited to add): I stand corrected, both my husband & comment poster Becky have told me that one CAN donate organs if they are diabetics. For more info on organ donation please go to:

Also, comment poster, Dave, recommends that Organ Donors register with In a gist - Donors can get attention opposed to waiting behind non donors. A sentiment that can be argued.. but surely makes you think "hmmmm.. now that's an idea to ponder...."

Friday, September 19, 2008


Hey LOOK! Somebody loves me! That very special person is Sher from Grinnin Gramma-OldTimeMeArtist! Hey lady you are the best! You always find time to motivate me into action... so thank you! And I truly mean that!

OK The rules of this honor mentions that I need to celebrate 7 others... and that I shall do!

My 7 picks are:

1. Mixing Whimsy Journals - She is consistently creatively evolving... and for that, I am inspired! Thank you...

2. Velvet Strawberries - Reminds us that EVERY Day there is something beautiful to inspire us.

3. Thrift Shop Romantic - I simply love the subtitle... "Blog for Home Decorating, Dreaming and Penny-pinching with Style" What more can I say? LOL

4. Teddy & Pencil - Two little bears who travel the world and report on there journeys! Gosh I love them... and I miss them... more blogging please! ;)

5. Got Art? - WIld & quirky altered art blog with EXCELLENT music. I leave her blog open after I scour for inspiration just to jam!

6. JRP~UnCommonSense - The straight up in your face political banter from my husband.

7. Get Ready Set Go Luggage - last but definitely not least... How can I not put someone who LOVE vintage cases as much as I do! People need to know about you! - Seriously!

(The FINE type) So, here are the rules of this award.

1. The receiver can put the logo on their blog

2. Link the person you received your award from

3. Nominate at least 7 other bloggers.

4. Put links of those blogs on yours.

5. Leave a message on the blogs of those you mentioned.

I Loved this project as it got me to reach out and fall in love with these blogs AND my entire blog posse all over again... and for that - I am thankful!

Who do you love?


OK - I have a lot of things on my mind... Let's start with Economics, GOLD & a good ole fashion Rummage Sale!

Back in 2000-2001, I use to listen to a Christian radio station at work! (gasp) It was in my cube at a respectable level. Anywho - I heard tons of commercials on "The dollar is going down ~ Gold is going up to the levels it was in the 80's... buy gold coins!" Now if you follow precious metals (I don't but did the research) it was as high. Anywho experts will agree that gold although literally higher today, is worth less than it did in the 80's in real terms (I think I said that right-anywho don't take my word for it.. do your own research!)). See Wiki & Kitco for more info.

Now fastforward to 2008.... the dollar
did get extremely weak, and the economy is pretty much in the toilet... I never really thought much about those "buy gold now" doomsday commercials. I had no intentions on buying gold coins, but I never forgot the warning. That is until this week...

I started to canvas my stuff for old broken gold and jewelry. I mean, you can only be broke & watch this commercial....

...but so many times before you think... "Hmmm what do I have that I can sell?"I am not a jewelry person and so I don't have much.. but I do have some bits and pieces from high school... old boyfriends and such.... broken chains, lost earrings, found jewelry.. etc...

My mom & her bff had taken me to this fairly reputable jewelry store (not the fast cash rip offs) with my bag~O~junk... and walked out with a fist full of dollars. I was so shocked that I had a bit of a run going on.. in case they decided to change their minds. My husband was shocked! You see he made light of my plight... in jest. However I was able to pay a credit card bill (no I don't use it any more) and put gas in the tank!

Granted - they did not pay full market value - and who really expects them to? I mean the dealers gotta make money too. But it was great to find that stuff I was seriously considering trashing or or at best using in an alter art project... netted me a few bucks! Hey - a Fist full of dollars.. LOL

So what do I do now after I paid a bill, bought gas, got the kids a little treat? I'm going to the joint. The Rummage joint that is. I am a sucker for a good rummage sale! I plan to strip those church tables bare with my dollar bill$. It will go a little something like this... "Hey vintage crystal astray! You are coming home with me! Costume jewelry don't you flirt with me unless you are going to give it up for this single bill. Hey candelabras... Looking good ladies!" LOL!

Now that's a true fairly tale t2t ending!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

WHY! Am I fascinated with these little tests?

Anywho ~ This one is on the money! LOL

What Your Little Black Dress Says About You

You are chic, worldly, and charming.

You naturally fascinating and popular. You never feel like pretending to be someone you're not.

Your style is simple, flattering, and always appropriate. You fill your closet with well quality, timeless items.

If you were a shoe, you would be: Open toed heels

Thursday, September 11, 2008

9/11 My World Crumbled ~ This is My Therapy

Seven years ago... my world crumbled. I will never be the same.... I have CHANGED and await the day the nation catches up!


This year was a new year for me:
  • I did not watch the memorial -> but I did stay home.
  • I didn't ruminate over the names of the lives lost -> I did spend time with family & kids.
  • I will NEVER forget -> but I will carry on.
Life stopped for me 9/11/01. But I know in my heart I must carry on....differently. What about you? What torch are you carrying? And has it kept you from moving forward? How have you used it to move forward? Inquiring minds would like to know...


Monday, September 08, 2008

What year do YOU belong in?

1951???! Well, for the most part, I would say they were right... I love the clothes and some of the hip music. Well perhaps that segregation thing, and water hosing down folk & lynching would have been a problem! But Idealistically... yup I am there!

You Belong in 1951

You're fun loving, romantic, and more than a little innocent. See you at the drive in!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Each One Teach One Part 2 - Make It Last Forever by Rcksmom

This is the second installment of Each One Teach One. Today we learn how to prepare a project for the outdoors and a very funny account of what it take to get the job done.


I keep reading how all of my Trash to Treasure buddies are completing their projects in a few days or even a day...I see their pictures, and everything is SO beautiful. And…the ones that sell their items are doing really well at it too! How in the world do they do it? I know what my problem is, but it doesn’t seem to be a problem for all of them. Here’s what I mean...

When I did the bench and table that I recently completed, I finished the "building" part of it in two days. Not bad, I thought to myself. Then since DH (dear husband) is in construction he says..

"If you're gonna paint that part white and it's gonna be outside, you need to use oil base enamel, or you're gonna be painting it every year from the weather."

Okay, so I get out the oil base white. DH...

"No you gotta primer it first, use the Kilz and it will help seal the wood."

Okay so I get out the Kilz. One night for that. Oh, did I tell you about all the sanding, and feeling for smoothness that I had to do before the painting?? So the next night I get out the oil base and give it a good coat.

DH..."You know you have to put on two coats don't you"?

Two nights for each coat.

Now comes the stain for the seat and back. DH asks me why I did the paint first before the stain. I tell him that my thinking was that if the oil base paint is so good at sealing it, then I figure if I get any stain on the white, it will just rub right off…right?

He gives me the “look”. Anyway, wow, only one coat of stain??? (that’s because more than one coat, it starts to pull the color off – I’m learning at this stuff). And it dries quickly??? Cool, I can put the sealer on and be done.

Marine Varnish I ask? DH..."No, that turns yellow and will peel you want to do it again next year? Use sanding sealer and lightly sand between coats." Coat"s" I ask?? DH..."Yeah, about 6 or 7. You gotta make sure it's all sealed, the weather you know".

DH calls his brother, the painter/finisher; gets off phone and says..."Better make it 10, but you won’t have to sand between the first and second coat". I mentally settle on 8. So I start. Seal, Seal, Sand. Seal, Sand. Seal Sand. Seal Sand. Seal Sand. Seal Sand. Seal Sand. Whew. DONE.

DH...."I'll help you turn it over on this old rug so you can do a few coats of oil base on the bottom of the legs."

Darn, forgot about the bottom of the legs.

DH..."do you want the paint to just peel up? Are you gonna go through this again next year? Hey, you can do what you want, but it's gonna start peeling if the moisture gets in the wood."

Another week gone by...what am I on now, oh yeah, starting week three. So I get that done, and now I'm excited to get it out on the deck.

DH..."I'll seal up all the joints with clear caulk for you. You can't leave the joints exposed because the water will get in and just ruin everything. But I have to work on the deck tonight. What are you looking at me like that for? How often do you want to do this? Well, you can do what you want, but it's a really nice bench and you worked hard on it. Do you want it to get ruined by next year? But, whatever you want."

So I grab the caulk gun and the clear caulk.

DH..."Yeah, you can do it, here's a damp rag for the excess....and don't forget to do all the screw holes so they don't rust through."


Now everybody knows about Buffalo’s famous winters so we do plan on bringing the bench in during the snow season, but my DH must know something about the rain around here that I’m missing. Well, the bench got done and I love it, and made a table to go with it using a doll crib and the top from an old tea cart. And yes, he was the same with the table - two coats white, two coats (on every spindle) green, and six coats (I cheated) sanding sealer on the frame of the old tea cart top. I learned something while doing this too.

I tried to outsmart him and decided to put the white oil base over the whole crib. I thought, hey, I can be cautious too you know. Then, as I was walking through the barn with the green acrylic latex in my hand, my love says….”you can’t put latex over oil base, it will split and peel within a month.”

Two dozen spindles, two coats each, another two days!

I haven't put the clear caulking between the glass and the frame of the top yet because [again] DH says to “use tempered glass instead of the regular glass that is in there.” That takes a week to order in!!!! Yeah, he’s probably right.

So I’m wondering, how do my buddies do it? Do I just wear earplugs the next time? Oh, BTW….I went to the $1 store, bought a tarp and a pkg. Of Velcro fasteners and a $3 grille cover and made rain covers for both pieces!!!

These things ought to last FOREVER!!

Rcksmom, resides in beautiful Western, NY with her husband, 3dogs, and 3 cats. They reside in a lovely historical farmhouse built 1874. When she is not busy being a wife and mom to 3 grown kids, she is building T2T (trash to treasure) furniture and enjoying the good simple life!

~~~ NJT

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Each One Teach One - T2T Embellishing Part 1 - Decoupage

T2T Embellishing Techniques (Decoupage)

This is a thread to share different techniques we may use to embellish our work. If you don't use anything special, that's cool too. But perhaps we can learn and share here.

I love decoupage although I have been accused of tear & pasting (as if that's a bad thing LOL) No, I am not a purest. I do understand the process as I have briefly studied it in school (both college & hs). I just choose to alter it to my personal liking.... and still call it decoupage… as it's my prerogative! (like Bobby Brown use to sing)

Now my goal is to eventually add actual decoupage; cut outs on top of the form. I will post a picture of the final project.... one day... LOL

Here are a few styles/techniques I like - I have not tried them all yet... but I will!

Vera Lucia Emerim - She has since passed away from complications of cancer in June, but her work is exquisite. Not big on the witch/fairies/cat thing buy HEY it's her prerogative! She was part of an Altered Art group where I am a member.

Now here's a dude who's style I LOVE Jonathan Fong - Good ole Fong Style... He is a master of his domain because he owns what he does... He gives credit where it's due but I love his personal take on his final projects. Hey - check out the link to his Andy Warhol cabinets.

Finally the master of 'new' decoupage: Durwin Rice - He is the link the combines all I've posted here to each other and myself. LOL His site is currently being updated but check back when you get the chance!

I was going to take a class of his in NYC a few years back but by the time I got the money... (yes it was mulah duckets), the class was long SOLD OUT! I just wanted to go to meet him of course, but to also meet others who were learning the technique. You know, networking if you will. I guess I will have to settle for the book for now... especially since photography is a jealous lover... LOL

So what's your passion? Do you care to share? I can be something other than decoupage. Maybe you be featured in Each One Teach One Part 2. Just add to the comment section.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Introduction to "Rainee Says..." Review of The Crop-A-Dile II

A Contributor Fun Tool Review

You ever have a friend who knows something about everything? LOL Well I have a friend who is a self-proclaim "Tool Junkie!" I thought I was bad. I guess I am just a Tool-a-holic. LOL

Well Rainee has the NEW & IMPROVED Crop-a-dile II. Check out her review!

OK, I got my new and improved Crop-a-dile II and did a little testing. Works like a charm! The punches work well and it sets everything from eyelets to gromlets with ease.

I already had the original which I also like but liked the idea of more reach. The fact that the CropII sits on the table like a stapler makes it even easier to punch and set through thicker materials.

Two negative things I read about the tool was:

1) there was a piece of metal obstructing one or both punches, and

2) that it destroyed eyelets when setting them.

As far as the obstruction to the punches, some people that got the tool early on said all they had to do was push down hard with the punches before using them and the obstruction popped right out. Both of my punches work perfectly fine and had no obstructions and the tool did not destroy my eyelets (and I set some pretty tiny eyelets with it).

After using it myself I've come to the conclusion that those people that experienced damaged eyelets were not using the tool properly by either applying too much pressure or had it on the wrong setting. The Crop-a-dile needs very little pressure to set anything. Apply very little pressure, make sure you have it on the right settings, and let the tool do the work for you. By doing all of the above you shouldn't have any problems with it. Big Grin

I haven't ran the section "Rainee Says..." by her yet. But if she accepts, please look out for more Art/Craft Tool Reviews.. by none other than.. Rainee.

Um... I gotta get me one of these. LOL!


"Lucy, You've Got Some 'Splainin' To Do!"

I know - I have been bad... I have slacked up on my blogging responsibilities. I'm sorry.

Enjoy this musical interlude until I get it together! (you may have to page down to silence the music player at the bottom of the page)



Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hey Sara, I See BLUE!

It's my second week participating in the Shades Of Inspiration challenge. This weeks challenge is BLUE... Well being a mother & wife, I have plenty of blues.. LOL (pun intended) .

But on a more serious note, I found this challenge to be exceptional. It forced me to step out of my comfort zone, even more than ever.

So please check out this sample from my blue collection. The photo on the left is the 'real' sky as reflected in the vintage candelabra. However, the photo on the right is the sky w/a 'boost' of color.


Monday, June 23, 2008

Shades of Inspiration Challenge in Full Swing!

OK so I mentioned that I have a new camera - the Canon Powershot A590 IS... and I may have mentioned that I joined the Shades of Inspiration challenge. Well this is my second week of it and boy am I psyched!

From what I understand the 1st was a spin off from "Sara, I Saw Red", well the challenge was such a hit, that folks saw green, white and now blue.. LOL

Anywho, I joined in with the week of "Creams & Whites". I only listed 4 pictures but they got encouraging reviews... "My Wheels" was even marked as a favorite by Sadie Olive's Sara who started the challenge. Thank you Sara, it really means more that you will ever now.

My second white photo was simply of my gutter but after I started taking the picture, it meant more to me. I am a very visual person, so I use pictures as my visual aids. This one I simply titled "My gut feelings..." LOL It did get a reaction - one viewer commented "Thats a mighty strong gut feeling! my stomach is clinching!"

I guess I got across the meaning of what I was feeling at the time. LOL I will post this week's challenge 'The Blues' tomorrow. I have a couple of pictures in it that I truly love!

Enjoy.. and do something you love doing today... and share it with the rest of us!


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Class of '08 Vintage Typewriter Keys Bracelet

Hey - here's one of my new creations photographed with my new camera. I did list this on Etsy and to be honest, I am quite nervous. I usually share my wares face to face via a craft show or as a personal gift. I know - we are our own worst critics. What are you hard on yourself about?

This is also my photography debut... well not really.. but it's my 1st real digital camera - the Canon A590 IS. SO, I am getting use to it and posting at the same time. If you have any helpful hints or constructive criticism, encouragement - please do share! I recently joined the Shades of Inspiration an online photography challenge that inspires through weekly color photo assignments! Come along for the ride.. it should be entertaining to follow my quest to be a story teller... through pictures.

Please Enjoy!


Friday, June 13, 2008

Thrift Store, Rummage Sales, Flea market, Yard Sales - which do you prefer?


1. Thrift & Garage/Yard Sale - Tied 1st place @ 25 votes a piece!
2. Estate & Rummage Sales tied 2nd place @ 16 votes each!
3. Flea Market/Swaps is 3rd placewith 14 votes.

*Auctions, Antique Shops, Classifieds & Consignments respectively rounded out the poll!

Although the poll is now closed ~ you may still weigh in via the comment section.

(edited 9/19/08)

I originally posed this question to a group of T2T message board members. While loving all the choices - most made great arguments for their preferences. They also introduced other venues* to the discussion.

So here goes.. which do you prefer when purchasing... (freecycle, curbside shopping & dumpster diving aside - I know free is best!) But which do you like and WHY? I invite you to answer the poll<== and add your comments!

Garage/Yard Sale
Thrift Store
Rummage Sale
Antique Shops*
Classifieds (Newspaper/Craigslist etc)*
Flea Markets
Swap Meets (where you buy)*
Estate Sales
Consignment Shops*

--------------------- As originally posted-----------------

I am now realizing that I love thrift stores... especially when I make an ally of the owner/manager... but really any thrift shoppe will do...

BUT I love the Rummage Sale over the garage/yard sale any day.

Rummage sale folks are motivated to sell because they don't want to lug that stuff home or store at the (church or place of sale).

Flea markets are cool - but like yard sales.. these people are in it for the money - so it's more work to haggle the price down. However, flea markets have competition so - they are more motivated that yard/garage folk.

Yard/garage folk can get very annoyed if you haggle... Some will rather throw out an item (or put it back in the house) rather than give you a better price.. i know this cause i can get like that myself.. especially if I don't like the potential buyer (lol - just being real y'all)

So what's your favorite? Inquiring minds would like to know?

Here's my definitions (not law - just what I've noticed in my town & travels)

Thrift Shoppe - Usually open 3-5 days a week (maybe more) in the same store location). Used, sometimes new items in retail location.

Yard/Garage Sale - Usually a place of residence from Spring thru Fall seasons. (if don't live in warm climate places). Usually used or old never used items.

Rummage Sale - Usually held at Church or Rec Center.. maybe held twice a year. Usually used/vintage items.

Flea Market - Held more frequently that Rummage sales - Usually weekly year-around.. vendors often deal in antique, vintage and *new* items.

**Estate Sales - I consider these like a rummage since the motivation is to move the items in a short appt. time.**


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ever had TMJ?

Had a spell of TMJ... last week went to bed and took a bit of stress with me.. not good.. woke up with a severe jaw pain that shot right up to my brain. My blood pressure went sky high. I will spare you the gory details. I am just taking it day by day - week by week.

I am thankful for that much - What are you thank for for today?


Friday, April 25, 2008

Donated Upcycle Bracelet for FOJ Foundation Auction

OK, this piece was especially challenging as I created it in a day after weeks of extreme procrastination... to the 3rd power. This was another challenge put forward to the EtstyNJ Team to create items to benefit the Friends of Joey Foundation during a dinner/auction earlier this spring. This challenge was extremely interesting also because we were asked to keep the item's color scheme in the Spring Now 2008 color palette. So with time dwindling, I quickly gathered together:

  1. vintage brass drawer plate label
  2. 2 vintage costume jewelry necklaces
  3. scrapbook Prima flowers
  4. flatback rhinestone studs
  5. and my secret weapon... a piece of junk mail from a cable company that 'just' happen to incorporate all of the colors in the palette!
I quickly crafted this upcycled bracelet and drove it to the coordinator, shutterkate, as it was too late to send in the mail. Ooh I pray the wearer of this piece enjoys it as much as I enjoyed making it. I love it when a plan comes together for the greater good... Romans 8v28.

Before I go, I have to give a shout out to Amy of Julia Belle Vintage who inspired this piece. I was taken back by the way she lovingly creates her works of art. Thank you for being an inspiration to us all!

So readers, what have you created in just the 'nick of time'? Please share... I'd like to know!