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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Each One Teach One - T2T Embellishing Part 1 - Decoupage

T2T Embellishing Techniques (Decoupage)

This is a thread to share different techniques we may use to embellish our work. If you don't use anything special, that's cool too. But perhaps we can learn and share here.

I love decoupage although I have been accused of tear & pasting (as if that's a bad thing LOL) No, I am not a purest. I do understand the process as I have briefly studied it in school (both college & hs). I just choose to alter it to my personal liking.... and still call it decoupage… as it's my prerogative! (like Bobby Brown use to sing)

Now my goal is to eventually add actual decoupage; cut outs on top of the form. I will post a picture of the final project.... one day... LOL

Here are a few styles/techniques I like - I have not tried them all yet... but I will!

Vera Lucia Emerim - She has since passed away from complications of cancer in June, but her work is exquisite. Not big on the witch/fairies/cat thing buy HEY it's her prerogative! She was part of an Altered Art group where I am a member.

Now here's a dude who's style I LOVE Jonathan Fong - Good ole Fong Style... He is a master of his domain because he owns what he does... He gives credit where it's due but I love his personal take on his final projects. Hey - check out the link to his Andy Warhol cabinets.

Finally the master of 'new' decoupage: Durwin Rice - He is the link the combines all I've posted here to each other and myself. LOL His site is currently being updated but check back when you get the chance!

I was going to take a class of his in NYC a few years back but by the time I got the money... (yes it was mulah duckets), the class was long SOLD OUT! I just wanted to go to meet him of course, but to also meet others who were learning the technique. You know, networking if you will. I guess I will have to settle for the book for now... especially since photography is a jealous lover... LOL

So what's your passion? Do you care to share? I can be something other than decoupage. Maybe you be featured in Each One Teach One Part 2. Just add to the comment section.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Introduction to "Rainee Says..." Review of The Crop-A-Dile II

A Contributor Fun Tool Review

You ever have a friend who knows something about everything? LOL Well I have a friend who is a self-proclaim "Tool Junkie!" I thought I was bad. I guess I am just a Tool-a-holic. LOL

Well Rainee has the NEW & IMPROVED Crop-a-dile II. Check out her review!

OK, I got my new and improved Crop-a-dile II and did a little testing. Works like a charm! The punches work well and it sets everything from eyelets to gromlets with ease.

I already had the original which I also like but liked the idea of more reach. The fact that the CropII sits on the table like a stapler makes it even easier to punch and set through thicker materials.

Two negative things I read about the tool was:

1) there was a piece of metal obstructing one or both punches, and

2) that it destroyed eyelets when setting them.

As far as the obstruction to the punches, some people that got the tool early on said all they had to do was push down hard with the punches before using them and the obstruction popped right out. Both of my punches work perfectly fine and had no obstructions and the tool did not destroy my eyelets (and I set some pretty tiny eyelets with it).

After using it myself I've come to the conclusion that those people that experienced damaged eyelets were not using the tool properly by either applying too much pressure or had it on the wrong setting. The Crop-a-dile needs very little pressure to set anything. Apply very little pressure, make sure you have it on the right settings, and let the tool do the work for you. By doing all of the above you shouldn't have any problems with it. Big Grin

I haven't ran the section "Rainee Says..." by her yet. But if she accepts, please look out for more Art/Craft Tool Reviews.. by none other than.. Rainee.

Um... I gotta get me one of these. LOL!


"Lucy, You've Got Some 'Splainin' To Do!"

I know - I have been bad... I have slacked up on my blogging responsibilities. I'm sorry.

Enjoy this musical interlude until I get it together! (you may have to page down to silence the music player at the bottom of the page)