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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So NOW I'm An Organ Donor. How About You?

I've always resisted the call to become a donor as it makes me think about my own mortality. It seem so finite... I tried to find religious reasoning why I shouldn't donate, but instead ended with empty excuses. My husband would always belabor the point "If someone you loved needed an organ wouldn't you want them to receive an organ?" (Scowl - 'easy for him to say... he's diabetic, he can't donate'). Well, "HECK YEAH!" I would reply! "There is nothing to think about if it would help save their life!" SO, then why am I holding out? Couple that with the fact that not many of my folk donate.. so the chances a love one receiving life is lowered. Yes, I believe in miracles, and I also believe in free-will. SO "Why wasn't I willing to give life?"

I remember when I traveled south for a visit, I met a family member who was actively educating & signing up folk for tissue donation. We talked about my inhibition.... To me donation meant:

Certain death (as if...)
Black market sales ( know you got those emails too)
Little medical help (once 'they' knew)
Closed casket funeral (perish the thought)

This relative assured me the 1st three were overblown urban myths.. (or ignorance, if you will) and the the 4th concern could still happen. The body would be prepared in a way that viewers wouldn't know there had been a donation. Well that was a weight lifted off my shoulder. Many of you with southern roots know.... We take pictures of the decease and darn near jump in the casket with the dead. It's part of our rite of passage (like the Electric Slide)! I come from a long line of open casket funerals. I know, It's really for us~the living~but it allows us to get in our last good byes...

Anywho, while renewing my license I told the clerk to check the box.. I still couldn't do it myself... but It is official, I'm a donor... and I feel good about it... I really do! Are you?


ETA (Edited to add): I stand corrected, both my husband & comment poster Becky have told me that one CAN donate organs if they are diabetics. For more info on organ donation please go to:

Also, comment poster, Dave, recommends that Organ Donors register with In a gist - Donors can get attention opposed to waiting behind non donors. A sentiment that can be argued.. but surely makes you think "hmmmm.. now that's an idea to ponder...."

Friday, September 19, 2008


Hey LOOK! Somebody loves me! That very special person is Sher from Grinnin Gramma-OldTimeMeArtist! Hey lady you are the best! You always find time to motivate me into action... so thank you! And I truly mean that!

OK The rules of this honor mentions that I need to celebrate 7 others... and that I shall do!

My 7 picks are:

1. Mixing Whimsy Journals - She is consistently creatively evolving... and for that, I am inspired! Thank you...

2. Velvet Strawberries - Reminds us that EVERY Day there is something beautiful to inspire us.

3. Thrift Shop Romantic - I simply love the subtitle... "Blog for Home Decorating, Dreaming and Penny-pinching with Style" What more can I say? LOL

4. Teddy & Pencil - Two little bears who travel the world and report on there journeys! Gosh I love them... and I miss them... more blogging please! ;)

5. Got Art? - WIld & quirky altered art blog with EXCELLENT music. I leave her blog open after I scour for inspiration just to jam!

6. JRP~UnCommonSense - The straight up in your face political banter from my husband.

7. Get Ready Set Go Luggage - last but definitely not least... How can I not put someone who LOVE vintage cases as much as I do! People need to know about you! - Seriously!

(The FINE type) So, here are the rules of this award.

1. The receiver can put the logo on their blog

2. Link the person you received your award from

3. Nominate at least 7 other bloggers.

4. Put links of those blogs on yours.

5. Leave a message on the blogs of those you mentioned.

I Loved this project as it got me to reach out and fall in love with these blogs AND my entire blog posse all over again... and for that - I am thankful!

Who do you love?


OK - I have a lot of things on my mind... Let's start with Economics, GOLD & a good ole fashion Rummage Sale!

Back in 2000-2001, I use to listen to a Christian radio station at work! (gasp) It was in my cube at a respectable level. Anywho - I heard tons of commercials on "The dollar is going down ~ Gold is going up to the levels it was in the 80's... buy gold coins!" Now if you follow precious metals (I don't but did the research) it was as high. Anywho experts will agree that gold although literally higher today, is worth less than it did in the 80's in real terms (I think I said that right-anywho don't take my word for it.. do your own research!)). See Wiki & Kitco for more info.

Now fastforward to 2008.... the dollar
did get extremely weak, and the economy is pretty much in the toilet... I never really thought much about those "buy gold now" doomsday commercials. I had no intentions on buying gold coins, but I never forgot the warning. That is until this week...

I started to canvas my stuff for old broken gold and jewelry. I mean, you can only be broke & watch this commercial....

...but so many times before you think... "Hmmm what do I have that I can sell?"I am not a jewelry person and so I don't have much.. but I do have some bits and pieces from high school... old boyfriends and such.... broken chains, lost earrings, found jewelry.. etc...

My mom & her bff had taken me to this fairly reputable jewelry store (not the fast cash rip offs) with my bag~O~junk... and walked out with a fist full of dollars. I was so shocked that I had a bit of a run going on.. in case they decided to change their minds. My husband was shocked! You see he made light of my plight... in jest. However I was able to pay a credit card bill (no I don't use it any more) and put gas in the tank!

Granted - they did not pay full market value - and who really expects them to? I mean the dealers gotta make money too. But it was great to find that stuff I was seriously considering trashing or or at best using in an alter art project... netted me a few bucks! Hey - a Fist full of dollars.. LOL

So what do I do now after I paid a bill, bought gas, got the kids a little treat? I'm going to the joint. The Rummage joint that is. I am a sucker for a good rummage sale! I plan to strip those church tables bare with my dollar bill$. It will go a little something like this... "Hey vintage crystal astray! You are coming home with me! Costume jewelry don't you flirt with me unless you are going to give it up for this single bill. Hey candelabras... Looking good ladies!" LOL!

Now that's a true fairly tale t2t ending!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

WHY! Am I fascinated with these little tests?

Anywho ~ This one is on the money! LOL

What Your Little Black Dress Says About You

You are chic, worldly, and charming.

You naturally fascinating and popular. You never feel like pretending to be someone you're not.

Your style is simple, flattering, and always appropriate. You fill your closet with well quality, timeless items.

If you were a shoe, you would be: Open toed heels

Thursday, September 11, 2008

9/11 My World Crumbled ~ This is My Therapy

Seven years ago... my world crumbled. I will never be the same.... I have CHANGED and await the day the nation catches up!


This year was a new year for me:
  • I did not watch the memorial -> but I did stay home.
  • I didn't ruminate over the names of the lives lost -> I did spend time with family & kids.
  • I will NEVER forget -> but I will carry on.
Life stopped for me 9/11/01. But I know in my heart I must carry on....differently. What about you? What torch are you carrying? And has it kept you from moving forward? How have you used it to move forward? Inquiring minds would like to know...


Monday, September 08, 2008

What year do YOU belong in?

1951???! Well, for the most part, I would say they were right... I love the clothes and some of the hip music. Well perhaps that segregation thing, and water hosing down folk & lynching would have been a problem! But Idealistically... yup I am there!

You Belong in 1951

You're fun loving, romantic, and more than a little innocent. See you at the drive in!