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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving & Good Times!

I pray you all have a wonderful holiday weekend full of fun, joy & good times! May the love of God surround you all through your family & friends. A special "thanks" to those who are fortunate enough to bless others who are in need this season. You are God's handiwork and are truly blessed & appreciated!
That girl...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Yesterday, the Tomboy Princess Turned 4!

(Old Schoolers - remember "I rock ruff & stuff with my afro puffs! - Lady of Rage)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Thrill Of The Hunt, Greenboro, NC

Back in late May '08, I visited a great little store in Greensboro called the The Thrill of The Hunt. It's a lovely little antique/thrift shop located on Battleground Avenue, one of the majors roads in town. I really enjoyed myself. I met the shop owner, Carol Poling, who was an absolutely a doll. She was both personal and approachable... in fact I thought she was a sale person up until I was about to leave - lol....

I took many pictures of the shop but unfortunately broke my camera phone and lost them in the process. :( However, I do have these photos of my purchases!

I purchased a vintage Chesterfield "They Satisfy!" Advertising Wall Thermometer Plaque. No, I don't smoke.. but NC is the tobacco capital of the world! Last time I was there I couldn't find any of the coveted cigar boxes so this time I 'had' to get something... LOL!

I found a pair of vintage tin Batman insignia pieces PERFECT to make earrings! A lovely little soft leather coin purse, (I recently paired with a great pair of new vintage gloves from Paris - see pix below) and a fun-fun 1940's vintage post card that read... "There's Gold In Them Thar Hills" (see at the end) - I guess the infamous or famous gold digger exist despite times, space, class & race! LOL I will be posting these things on my on line Etsy or eBay Stores.. If procrastination gets me as it commonly does... and you are interested... just pull my coattail!

BTW - If you are ever in Greensboro, North Carolina... Stop by The Thrill Of The Hunt! You will be pleasantly surprised.... in fact you'll be thrilled! OH and and don't forget to say Hi to Natasha Isabella Portialucca! (She's the really cool mannequin!)

Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm Back & I Brought Some Goodies!

FIRST let me start off by thanking ALL of you who follow & commented on this & the 'Sexy' blog! I truly appreciate your thoughtful expressions & warm sentiments in such a difficult period. Thank you!

Through the Grace of God, it's all being worked out. I've decided to return, trusting & believing everything WILL be OK!

Alright, I have some goodies. I Love Junk! In my travels I find lots of it. Since this blog is dedicated to just that - Let's get to it!

I came across the fatherload! You heard right "The Fatherload!" On my way to pick up that lovely little pumpkin in my header who is only days from turning 4 years old... I drove by a seemingly great pile of wonderful refuge. Being the supermom I am, I couldn't stop, but on my way home I made a B-line right to the pile! I ran into the daughter of the owner of the pile. She shared with me that her mom had passed away back in January of this year and the clean out had been a year long process. You see, her mom was a bit of a pack rat.... hmmmm (I can relate). She shared that her dad couldn't do the honors of throwing out the memories, & her sister lived in sunny Cali (with Sherry G.- LOL) .. SO she was nominated the head-cleaner-packer-seller-mover-in-charge....

Anywho, she was grateful & thought her mom would be glad to 'know' someone who cared would make sure some of her items got a good home....

The woman shared that the steamer trunk came from France in the early 1900's, when her dad came to America with his family. The bag is his military service bag filled with lovely 1930's's & 40's love letters & cards and military and WWII sentiments.... JACKPOT! Oh, I even have a few International paper dollars.

I need your help... what can I do, make with my new found treasures???
That girl...

Friday, November 14, 2008


It's not just a song any more, it's my life.

Please stay tune while I handle some drama. I won't be gone to long. If you get the gadget "Blog List (NEW)" you will know when I return.
Thank you for your support while I get things done.

With much thanks.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Yes we did!

Yes, we must keep on doing it. This Country, All of our country, is in need of healing.

Don't sleep y'all the work has only just begun!

God Bless... And Good night!

ETA: This craft project got some play! LOL:
The ObamaCraftProject