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Saturday, June 20, 2009

C is for Canvas

Here are a few canvas projects I've done... 2 new & 1 old. The new were blank, pre-stretched canvases that I purchased from the local craft store. I was inspired by this project from Shelley Hitt of Baton Rouge, La. a featured artist on Crafters Coast to Coast (now That's Clever).

The last was an effort to save the art covering the vintage stretchers I wanted to use. I couldn't throw the art out... after all, Art is ART! So I glued them to my garbage can. My can is now beautified & I haven't trashed a piece of art work. Plus I can spot my can a mile a way.. Now how is that for personalization! As I get more old stretchers, I will continue to glue the artwork around my can and whatever else I deem worthy... a sort of tramp art if you will...

Hope you enjoy.

That Girl,

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

B is for Bracelets, Bracelets and even more Bracelets

Today's showcase feature bracelets made of brass drawer labels, vintage jewelry, crystal lettering and scraps from a vintage Dior bag....

I plan to post these in my Etsy store soon if you are interested. The proceeds from the Pink Ribbon Bracelet will be donated to my girlfriend who is walking in the Avon 3Day Walk honoring her mom, aunt & grandmother.

That Girl,

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A is for Art Doll.... Isn't She Lovely?

So I've been working on this doll for quite some time... It is comprised of many different recycled elements:

silk rose
bed spring
wooden dowel
wooden shuffle board puck
torn brown bag w/decoupage
doll clothing package dress form
scrapped upholstery fabric & trims

I gifted her to the interior decoration place that gives me all of my fabric, trims & wallpaper books galore!!!! This lovely piece has a place front & center in the store.. I will try to get a picture of her in her new abode... ;)

Last but not least this is the updated vintage racket that was posted while in progress down below...

Hope you enjoy...

That Girl,

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Long time no see/ hear nor read... LOL (Projects)

Well yes, I 've been gone for a while.. just a lot going on in my life. But I have completed some projects and will post now... I hope you all enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them...

Old movie fans can probably appreciate this one. I admit.. off beat & warped.. yet so cool! I am placing on Etsy later if you are interested...LOL (and yes, the hanger is attached ;)

I am actually in the process of adding on more flowers & cinnamon sticks.. Mmmmm the cinnamon smells delightful. The board is an edge of an old artist canvas stretcher. It is coated in black board paint.... How about this to hang on a door.. LOL I will update pictures later...

I got this idea from the JunkMarket Website... Lanette Lorsung. I took the wheels off of a Jeep baby carriage, the board is a vintage artist canvas stretcher piece, wire and blackboard paint. I am actually putting more silk flowers and cinnamon sticks on it to take p some of the space on the hanging wire... but yum... it smells delightful! Enjoy! ;)

This piece was made from the frame of an old boxspring. It had too much potential to just throw away. I removed the bedsprings to place in my etsy store ;). Then I painted & accessorize... see if you can figure out all of the items I used.......

This potting chair is a work of labor as it is my 1st and it is labor intensive... I keep changing my mind. Please know it's a work in process.

I WISHED my computer didn't catch a virus and a fever.. as all of my photos and inspirational links & pictures are gone. These pieces were a helluva mess. I was at a gardening show working on the handles when another vendor asked me for the 2 below pieces.. I should them for $15 a piece... I know - I know but I brought them to work on.. still had a couple of flaws. I was so excited she asked that I just blurted out " How's $30?" LOL Well she told me to bring all my stuff to the plant shop and perhaps I can sell to them or cosign other pieces.. so it might be well worth the 45 min trip...LOL Although this show was free, it was poorly advertised with low attendance.. but one of my best shows ever... so by the time she purchased... I was good! LOL

Thanks for being patient....

That Girl, Ang