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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Keep on Truckin' Earrings!

What do you get when you pair Swarovski crystal beads, sterling silver findings and vintage Hess Truck toy tires? Great pair of Truckin' earrings! The 1st pair I made was couple years ago...after thinking about them for quite some time. I sold them at a show to a man who's niece was turning 13...and who's father a collector of Hess Trucks.... Uh-oh.. Hope they didn't cause a problem.

Well if there are any purest out there.. please note my dad always bought 2 trucks for my kids... one to store...and another to destroy..through play. I couldn't bare to through them away..... so I came up with this idea after thinking about my childhood tire swing. LOL Enjoy your memories!

Swarovski Capri Blue and Garnet Hearts!

Topaz and Siam...

More Topaz and Peridot.

Have you ever used toys in you junk revamps? Add a little fun to your ventures.... After all... if it's not fun... Then why do it?

That Girl, Ang

PS - These may be purchase at my etsy store.

Friday, August 27, 2010

K is for Keys, Key Plates and such!

KEYS glorious keys! What's not to love? Keys signify authority, opporitunity... Key plates signify a door way to the known and unknown. Over the years, I've collected many, many keys.. unfortunately I've somehow hid them from myself. However, I did find just enough to bring you a delightful display. Enjoy!!

Most of these keys came from a great little spot in downtown Greensboro, NC... I forget the name. The key hole plates I got from eBay.

Look at the cool detail.

The piece is unique in it's own right. It is labeled "Bert"

These keyplates (it that the right name?) are just devine. I could only find 2 of my stash.. they'd make great necklaces!

Ooo look! Lovely key plate jewelry.

This key I bent in the spoon bender I purchased off of eBay. I drilled a little hole in it and.....

Voila! A key bracelet!

They compliment each other very well.

Do you use Keys or key parts in your design or art? If so, what do you make? If not, why are you waiting? LOL

That girl, Ang

Please check out my byABPryor Etsy Store.... or my new blog Usable Art for Sale! for unique, fun gifts! Thanks

Monday, August 23, 2010

Remixed Jewelry - Upcycle Recycle Style

I've been busy making jewelry over the past week. They were refashioned out of beads, vintage jewelry, liquors labels, belts, purse chains, skeleton key part, and key hole plate. The most unique part was my use of a destroyed vintage Christian Dior suitcase. I call these pieces I redesign the findings for a unique outcome.
Please enjoy!
The Bourbon Street Necklace. I paired beads, a birdie charm, a metal liquor label and crystal lettering to make this goreous piece. The chain is from a vintage Art Deco purse clasp (the purse part had been removed).

The Elegant Long Black Velvet Purse Necklace. The tiny purse from the doll section of the craft store was paired with a very long vintage necklace. This is quite the conversation piece; simple yet elegant.

Two of my favorite; The Key Part Necklace and the matching Key Plate Bracelet. The necklace was fashioned out of 2 vintage necklaces. I added a skeleton key part and chandelier crystals. The bracelet is a mixture of 2 necklaces, (one of which was used in the previous design) a keyhole plate and a bead. Many common everyday items can be transformed into beautiful pieces of art.

This is one of my most unique pieces of work. Iwas created using 5 different parts. I used 2 non matching chains (one is beaded), a barrette, an earring and a bead. I love how it all works together.

Finally, I made my 1st bib necklace. I call it the Floral Bibster. It's base is made from the Dior bag I cut up (only after it was alread maimed), silk flowerers, rhinstones from a broken vintage bracelet, velvet ribbons and a very eighties gold chain belt. The final reulst is a cute lightweight necklace.

Just for kicks I created this piece for the love of Jimmy Fallon's song.. "The Jet Blue Song: The Ballad of Steven Slater". I don't condone what the former Jet Blue Flight Attendant did... but the song was funny as heck! LOL HIS & HERS "get two beers and jump" Resin Necklaces.

Although I LOVE to create.. these items are for sale as well. Please check out my byABPryor Etsy Store.... or my new blog Usable Art for Sale! for unique, fun gifts! Thanks

That girl, Ang

Friday, August 20, 2010

Ruined Bag turned Good!

About 2 years ago, I purchased this LOVELY apple green bag on eBay. It was vintage and it was new...still had the tag attached!
I was as happy as a Lark. I loved it so, it inspired me to do a photo shoot with it and one of my vintage dresses in 2009!However, I was careless and did not store it properly. Unfortunately, it was ruined. I tried to clean it with acetone.... BAD MOVE!So I pondered... what could I do to fix this fiasco! How could I be so careless?! Then I thought ah-ha! FLOWERS... I have tons of flowers... maybe I could accessorize.... SO I got my handy glue gun and this is the final result.
I actually love it even more! What do you think?! Well if you think you want to buy it... hop on over to Usable Art for Sale!

That Girl, Ang

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

J is for Junk! Now selling my JUNK on my Usable Art blogspot!!!

I have a few things for sale now... so please visit me here.
and in my Etsy Store.....Usable Art byABPryor
Thanks so much for your support!
That Girl, Ang

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I is for Inspirational Ideas....

Everyday, I look around to find different ways of doing things. Now, I know, I know...there is nothing new under the sun..or so they say... but look at these inventive creations and tell me if they inspired you..the way they have me! (Click the links to read the stories behind the stories!)

1. A TP Holder - I know some of you are thinking "How can that be inspirational?" But hold on, and check this out. Sue Whitney of the fabulous came up with this marvelous idea to make a toilet paper holder out of a brace. Go figure?! I owned one of these and was going to copy the idea but decided to pass my brace along in a junk swap. It will be fun to see what my partner makes with it!

2. Silver Lights -I was so inspired by this next project I made a whole slew of them. I will go more in detail when I get to "N" for nightlights! Janis Gurney of Rust & Ruffles blog made these wonderful lights out of teapots and crystal. Aren't they beautiful?!

3. Mirrored Tree House - This is not your norm craft, but, nevertheless it is incredible! When I saw this I became completely enthralled by the very idea. What could I make using this technology....hmmmm We will see....(insert mad scientist laugh) I wonder if the birds really do fly into it....hmmmmm.

4. Unusual Frame - No really, I've seen almost everything turned into a frame.... well take a look at this baby. This is what you get when you blend together a light fixture, 2 door knobs, some silver paint and an adorable picture! Sue Whitney of has done it again. This lady never ceases to amaze me. You take a look and tell me what you think? Inspiring right?!

5. Family Reunion Heritage Tree - This 5th and final project is from yours! I hope this inspires you as much as it has inspired me. This started from a junk swap I participated in on the board. I sent out a large box of junkaliciousness and received a box full of goodies in return. One of the pieces was a rusty white plant stand. After turning the piece to and fro...upside down and around, I decided on my final project. Hope you like it!

This concludes Inspirational Ideas. I hope this post was (hee-hee) Inspiring! Please tell me what you think.

That Girl,